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  • How long in advance should I make an order for lollipops?
    You can order your lollipops as far as you wish. Your booking can be as soon as you know what you require to get order booked up. We do recommend taking the order no less than 7 days in advance (30 days for large orders) the event date in order to ensure your lollipops can be delivered before the event date.
  • When will my lollipops be delivered?
    As mentioned above, your lollipops will be delivered as close as possible to the date of your requirement. However, we aim to ship out lollipops no more than 7 days to a week before your event date in order to ensure the freshest lollipops. The shipping date may extend longer for international order.
  • Do you offer discounts for larger order?
    Yes we do. Discounts are offered on orders start from 50 lollipops or above. We offer up to 50% discount for large order. Please kindly request quotation via; - Email: - Facebook / Instagram: Dayseedaisy - Line: @dayseedaisy
  • What is the shelf life of lollipops?
    Our lollipops are the best consumed within 2 months however it may depend on the temperature and humidity levels of your area. The storage instructions are provided along with your order.
  • Are the images in lollipops edible?
    Absolutely yes, all of the ingredients we use are 100% edible.
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